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First Shoots in Malawi

Posted in Malawi by stefaniegiglio on 22 May 2010

I’ve been in Malawi for over three weeks now.  I think we finally have the internet sorted out, which is a relief and means I can begin uploading photos for everyone to see.

I’ve been taking mostly landscape photos with a few animal (monkeys, lizards, geckos, butterflies, and fish eagles) shots as well.  I’ve been to the local village a few times, but I haven’t photographed anyone because I don’t have my model releases ready.  I got the release translated into Chichewa during my first week here, but I have not yet been able to get them printed.  I’m hoping to do that this weekend in Lilongwe.

I’ll be going to Lilongwe to attend an expo and tell people that I am a professional photographer (the “professional’ part is important because there are very, very few photographers in Malawi who have had proper training, or so I’ve been told!) and that I am available for hire.  Since I arrived in Monkey Bay, I’ve done an architectural shoot, a product shoot, an event shoot, and a portrait session for three girls.  Everyone tells me that I should go to Lilongwe and Blantyre, the two biggest cities in the country, and announce my services.  They all say I will get a lot of business.  I’m hoping to eventually earn enough to buy a motorbike and hire someone to build a canopy (or some type of covering) for the bike—I’m a wimp when it comes to heat, so a roof for my transportation is necessary!  Then I’ll be able to get around on my own, which is critical for doing most of the personal work I want to do.

So Lilongwe this weekend and Blantyre probably in the next month or so!

For now, I’ll leave you with some photos from the first shoots I’ve done here.  I can’t show you the products because they are still under wraps (I can tell you they have something to do with the World Cup though)!

Carlotta, Aneese, and Tyra, the three girls I photographed during my first portrait session in Malawi.

Bedroom at Alcon Cottages, a resort on the shores of the lake in Monkey Bay, Malawi.

Passengers enjoying themselves aboard the first official voyage on the MV Mangunda in Monkey Bay, Malawi.